Food Photography

I aim to capture your food at its most beautiful and drool-inducing. My photography style is minimalist, light and bright, and attainable, meaning that the viewer wants to grab a fork and dive right in.

I offer specialized photography packages for Boston restaurants who want to shoot their menu, food bloggers looking for help re-shooting older content and food brands or start-ups in need of content for their website or social media.

Reach out and let me know what you need--I'm confident we can create a package to make it happen on budget and on time!

Recipe Development

I specialize in developing "healthy-ish" recipes that utilize the aspects of a wide spectrum of diets to increase the nutritional value of delicious dishes. deeply invoke the aspects of the food itself that draws us to it the most, whether that's simply the color or flavor or if it's something deeper like memory or comfort.

I have experience developing recipes across a broad spectrum of diets from vegan to paleo to gluten-free and everything in between. I can work with you to determine recipes that will speak to your audience most through an audience analysis and SEO research and trend analysis.

Let's make something yummy together!


Recipe Videography

Want to share drool-worthy videos of your top performing dishes or highlight your product in a recipe video to share with your audience?

I create recipe videos (hands-in-pans, Tasty-style) to share on social media and your website that will highlight your recipe and make your audience stop their scroll no matter where they land on it. This service includes all concepting, shooting and editing for a 45-60 second video, as well as delivery of 16:9 horizontal aspect ratio for Youtube and banner size for your website and 1:1 square aspect ratio for Instagram. Additional crops, styles and services are available on request.

Reach out to see how we can amp up your video game today!

Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re an online food blogger looking to take your brand and business to the next level or you’re a food brand or start-up looking to ramp up your online marketing strategy, I offer a variety of digital marketing consulting services ranging from opt-ins, list building, opt-ins and social media strategy to building customer retention funnels.

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’d love to chat and figure out how we can work together to create a solution that provides more ease, stability and growth for your business.