So you’ve probably heard it a million times: “You HAVE to have an email list!”

Well if it was just that simple, like if you could just order one on Amazon delivered right to your door, you’d have done it by now, right?

You’re already overwhelmed with all the ongoing content creation for your blog or brand from pitching sponsors to building relationships, creating products, hosting events and all those other things that you LOVE about what you do. And creating eBooks and figuring out how to market and deliver them always seems to take a back burner.

But, just for one second, imagine how incredible having an engaged email list could have on your business right? A way to talk directly to your readers or clients… no ever-changing Facebook algorithm, no unexpected IG blackouts. Think of all the things you could do better if you had a way to talk to your audience right in their inbox. . And think of what it could mean to your potential income when you have products to sell.

When you have an active, engaged email list, you have a money-maker at your fingertips.
For. Real.

So let’s get started today!


Create your eBook - from concept to design to hitting publish - and start building your email list today!

When you enroll, you’ll get everything you need to build your eBook today. I’ll walk you through every step of creating, concepting, copywriting, designing and publishing your eBook, plus you’ll learn how and where to market it to make sure that your email list starts (and continues) growing! With this streamlined process, you’ll be able to set aside less than a day or two to take your eBook from idea to reality and get your email list growing asap.

Because here’s the honest truth: you can find all this information out there in various blogs, eBooks, Facebook groups, podcasts, and courses. But then you’d have to piece it all together yourself to figure out:

  • What’s my eBook going to be about?

  • What’s the title and tagline?

  • What content should actually go into my eBook?

  • How much new content do I need to create?

  • How do I design a clean, beautiful eBook?

  • Where does my new eBook live once it’s done?

  • How do I get my audience to opt-in for it?

  • How do I collect and organize their email addresses so that I can email them again in the future?

  • How do I automatically deliver my eBook to them once they opt-in?

  • And in the end, how do I know if it's working?

When you sign up for my eBook coaching service, you’ll get step-by-step guidance to work through all these questions and execute the concept, content, design, publishing plan and marketing strategy with confidence and ease.

So instead of spending your precious time figuring out the hows and wheres, use my streamlined eBook Coaching Service to start building your email list quicker, faster and 100% more painlessly!

Ahh… doesn’t that already feel like a weight off your content-heavy shoulders?!

I’ll help you tackle every step of the process to launch your opt-in and starting building your email list. You give me the timeline and we’ll make it happen!

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Concepting: First up, you’ll walk through a questionnaire to help flesh out all the elements and the overall concept for your eBook.

  2. Copywriting: Then, I’ll put together a template and timeline to help you work through the copywriting quickly and efficiently. Plus, you’ll get feedback and direction from me, if needed, to make sure that you’re on the right track!

  3. Designing: Once copy is input and images are selected, the design fun will begin! Using highly customizable templates, I’ll be able to mock up your eBook quickly and tweak it to fit your brand and content.

  4. Proofing: You’ll get the final word as you proof and give the final sign-off on your eBook.

  5. Technical Set-Up: At that point, I will make sure that you’re set up with the technologies you need to be able to publish, promote and deliver this eBook and ease and minimal work on your part. All suggested technical pieces are free and easy to use with my step-by-step guides.

  6. Publishing + Delivery: I’ll provide simple, clear instructions (and be here to cheer you on!) to help you publish your eBook and set it up for automatic delivery.

  7. Marketing: You’ll get a fully fleshed out marketing strategy to follow to make sure that your eBook is doing its job (growing your email list) while you sleep. You’ll also receive a couple of templates for the graphics that you can use to promote your fabulous new eBook!


Throughout this whole experience, I’ll be here to keep you accountable, answer questions, bounce ideas off of and troubleshoot anything that comes up!

Creating an eBook start to finish, especially the first time you go for it, could take you weeks to pull together and publish on your own. Instead, this streamlined eBook process and coaching service will guide you through your eBook creation quickly and easily.

Regular Price: $249
Limited Time Price: $89 (a 65% discount!)


Additional Add-ons:

  • Recipe Development: $100 per recipe

  • Photography: $150 per recipe

  • Custom design or copywriting as available upon request