Are you a food blogger overwhelmed by all the things on your daily/weekly to-do list?
I’m here to help! Here’s a list of services I offer to help take some of the pressure off:


Food Photography

Maybe you have old content that could use an update. Or maybe photography isn’t your favorite part of the content creation process and you’d like to be able to focus on what you love while someone else takes care of creating beautiful images for your blog.

I will cook, concept, style, photograph and edit images of your recipes that will fall right in line with your current photography and brand style. Though I typically only license photographs, I will waive my copyright buyout fee so that you will own the copyright to all images created by me for your brand.

Price: from $175 / recipe
*In-process shots are an additional $50/each.

Psst...need work done in bulk or looking for photography on a recurring basis? I can provide a discount for bulk or ongoing work!

Digital Marketing Services

Maybe you need help strategizing your social media channels? Or streamlining your content publishing workflow? Or maybe you need help building your email list, creating email marketing funnels or selling a product or service?

With my 5+ years of digital marketing experience, and a specialty in email and personal brand marketing, I can help you with any of your marketing needs including: starting or growing  an email list, improving your social media feeds, building out email marketing strategies and funnels or create streamlined marketing workflows. Let’s chat about what you’re looking for!

Price: $75 / hour.
*Project-based packages are available.


Recipe Videography

Want to share drool-worthy videos of your top performing dishes in a recipe video to share with your audience?

I create recipe videos (hands-in-pans, Tasty-style) to share on social media and your website that will highlight your recipe and make your audience stop their scroll no matter where they land on it. This service includes all concepting, shooting and editing for a 45-60 second video, as well as delivery of 16:9 horizontal aspect ratio for Youtube and banner size for your website and 1:1 square aspect ratio for Instagram. Additional crops, styles and services are available on request.

Price: Starting at $500 / recipe

Reach out to see how we can amp up your video game today!

eBook Coaching Package

(How to publish aN eBook quickly + grow your email list painlessly)

So you know you need an email list, but you simply don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you have a small list, but it’s not really growing and you just don’t have time to focus on creating a freebie to entice people to join it!

Your daily to-do list is completely overwhelming with recipe testing, writing, photographing, editing, pitching sponsors, crafting social media posts, publishing your content and everything else that goes along with being a food blogger. Whew! So who has time to dream up a freebie opt-in offer, write it, design it, publish and deliver it and make sure it’s working?!

I have created a streamlined process to help you create an freebie eBook from start to finish in as little as 2 days! Instead of spending your time researching the hows or debating what type of content to offer, I’ll walk you through every step of the process from concept to copy to design to publishing and marketing it. It’s simple, straight-forward and will get you from zero to eBook in a snap!

Ready to finally jump in, create an eBook opt-in and start growing your email list?