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Food, whether it's a 5-course meal at a fancy restaurant or a home-cooked dinner, is a mixture of memories and innovation.

Food is so powerful in that it can remind us of deep memories of the past, but today's meal has the power to become future memories.

It's past, present and future all at the same time. And that's an incredible thing to be a part of.

I am deeply moved to live in a time where so much focus and attention is paid to the quality of our food. While it can be disheartening that the industrialization of food and agriculture threatens the flavors and recipes of our past and new fad diets appear every month continuing our broken understanding of nutrition, I look to the positive.

How can we create and support a food system and an understanding of food, flavor and nutrition that will empower us and future generations to care for the earth, ourselves and each other?


Growing up, I was truly in love with food.

I loved standing alongside my mother and aunts in the kitchen helping them make classic Italian recipes and I adored the hot summer evenings when my dad would prep and grill steaks, chops and burgers.

I grew up with the innate understanding that food is love in every culture in the world. And I stand by that to this day.

I graduated from UMass Amherst with degrees in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Marketing. After several years working in hotels and then in digital marketing, I decided to bring my passions together to create Sip and Spice Creative.

I want to help people in the food industry to tell their stories, because at the heart of it all, that is what food is.


That leaves us with so much room and inspiration to support the incredible, brave small food businesses, emerging food brands, quality farm-to-table restaurants and inspiring people in the industry working to save the food system and the health of our society.

And I aim to be part of this whole food, health-focused, sustainable movement.

Through vibrant photography and videography, delicious, approachable recipes and stellar digital marketing strategies, I am here to help you grow your brand, reach your audience and do our part to support the sustainable, nutritious, humane world of food.